No Hunger Gameday a success!

As part of International Tabletop Day, we at the GRGG had an event at the Quincy Senior and Family Center on Saturday, the 5th. We had a good turn out and played lots of games. Thanks to the generosity of the venue, instead of charging our usual $5 for a day gaming, everyone was supposed to bring in one non-perishable food item. We ended up donating over 250 items to the Horizons soup kitchen which operates out of St. John’s Church. They were happy to get all that food.

Daniel Newkirk, of Quincy’s Underdark Comics, came out and ran several games and brought some cool swag. He reminded us that he is running events for Free Comic Book day, and Free RPG day. Visit his store if you are in the area.

Photo: Who says gaming is not hard work.

Savage Worlds is becoming a popular game. Rumor has it that we will have an entire Savage Worlds track this year at Quincon.

Photo: We had a good crowd at the game day, now we have to get some of these folk s to come to Quincon and bring some of their gamer friends with them.

Myth was a popular boardgame, but nothing was as popular as Cards Against Humanity. I guess i need to try that one someday.


We look forward to this becoming a yearly tradition.


GRGG takes part in International Tabletop Day- Saturday, April 5th

For the second time, our game club is taking part in the “International Tabletop Day”. This is supposed to be a day when people that play and love tabletop games get together to share the hobby with new people, retailers, game companies, and each other. The Great River Gaming Guild was one of over 3000 events held last year in 64 countries.

Maybe I’ll just let them tell you about it: Tabletop Day Promo


Ours is called the “No Hunger Gameday. Admission for this event is only one non-perishable food item per session, or $5 for all three sessions. All proceeds will be donated to a local food pantry.

When: Saturday, April 5th. The first session will run from 9am until 1pm, the second session from 2pm until 6pm, and the third session will run from 7pm until 11pm.

Where: Quincy Senior and Family Resource Center (639 York)

Bring a boardgame, RPG, card game or just yourself. Play your favorite game or learn some new ones!

Find out more about Geek & Sundry’s International Tabletop Day here:


Last post before Quincon…

Well, it is almost here. Tonight, we will be setting up at the venue at about 6:30pm. Tomorrow morning, at about 8:30am the doors will open to the 28th annual gathering of the Great River Gaming Guild: Quincon. I can’t wait!

Quincon trivia: Originally the GRGG founders wanted to call their summer convention “Gemcon”, because Quincy, Illinois is the “Gem City”. But they got a nasty phone call from TSR attorneys who thought that the name Gemcon was too close to their summer con name: Gencon. So they came up with an alternative. However, still to this day on Quincon artwork, you will often see a little gem somewhere in the picture as a reminder (and a posthumous dig at TSR).

CMemoir '44 tournamentMTG








p.s. If you see me, remind me to take pictures. ;)

Down the Playce is coming to Quincon!

If you haven’t been following the local scene lately, you may not know that Quincy’s premier game store, ‘Down the Playce’, closed down in the middle of May. That was bad news for anyone that was a gamer in town because they had a great selection, knowledgeable staff, and served as a hub for the local Heroclix, chess, and Catan players. All gamers really… Last year, they came to Quincon as a vendor and really rocked the place. They had game sessions all weekend, special Quincon prices on all the stock they brought, and just lightened the place up with their friendly personalities!

Now that they are closed, I was worried that they wouldn’t get to come out to Quincon this year, but I was wrong! According to their newsletter, “We will have a booth at Quincon again! We will set up late Friday night, July 19 and will be there all weekend! If you have not been to Quincon before, you are missing a great fun weekend. Come out and enjoy many tournaments, some extravagant miniature layouts, and game demos! We will have giveaways throughout the weekend, as well as some discounted products.  For more information, visit or”


That is great news!


They no longer have a brick-and-mortar presence in Quincy, but they are online still selling games and puzzles. Visit them at



OMG! Quincon is only 25 days away!

I can’t believe that it is nearly here! Seriously, everything is going well so far. We have lots of games lined up for people to sign up for including:

  • 40 RPG sessions- Mostly Pathfinder Society, but also lots of Savage Worlds, New World of Darkness, Zero Plus, Airship Pirates, Deadlands Reloaded, Toon!, Dungeon Crawl Classics, and even some old school D&D!
  • 15 miniature wargames- These run the gamet from the French & Indian War to the American Civil War through to WW2. Even some alt-history stuff like Crimson Skies, Battletech, and Space 1889. Get out your tape measures!
  • 20 boardgames- lots to like here from old favorites like Rubout!, Axis and Allies, and Temple of the Beastmen, to new favorites like Memoir ’44, Ticket to Ride, and Chaostle. Try the new hot games like Dominant Species, Ora Et Labora, and Mage Knight, or play games that you won’t see anywhere else like Total Depth, Mystic Wood, and Danger at the Golden Spike Mine.
  • Special Guest Lester Smith (TSR and GDW alum) is bringing card games, a boardgame, and a rpg. Playtest something before it gets published! You might get your name in the credits!

What are you waiting for? Click here to go to our Warhorn page. Paypal us $15 and register for the games you want to play.

photo of mike's game